Wild Camping

Wild camping is all about freedom.  It's heading out into the wilderness with only the gear on your back, and not coming back for days.  It's about going places that few can go, about challenging yourself in a way that we rarely have the chance to, and about serious, serious fun. Wild Camping is the closest thing that we can get in our every day lives to the survival situations that we read about. Wild Camping is not having to pay for site fees so you can pitch a tent next to a bunch of party dudes.  It's about having no access to showers, or plug in power, or piped, probably ok-to-drink, water.   In this section we show you where our favourite sites are for wild camping in Scotland.


Wild camping is all about bringing enough of the right sort of camping gear.  Too much, and you're left slogging up a mountain with stuff you'll never use.  Too little and the exped can become tedious, cold or even dangerous. In this section we discuss what we bring, why we bring it, and what we leave behind.